Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning In Decatur, GA

Cat and dog teeth cleaning both at home and by the professionals at The Village Vets Decatur-Ponce has a significant impact on your pet’s health and longevity. Make an appointment at our Decatur-Ponce animal hospital today!

Dog teeth cleaning in Decatur, GA

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Pet Dental Care in Decatur: Cat Laying On Pillow
Pet Dental Care in Decatur: Vet Checks Dog's Teeth

Why You Should Add Cat & Dog Dental Care to Your Pet’s Health Routine

Without regular pet dental care, your pet’s teeth will develop plaque, which hardens into tartar and breaks down their gums and even the bone density of their teeth. In time, the bacteria from the tartar can leak into the bloodstream and cause serious internal issues.

Safety for Every Patient

For a complete cleaning and examination, anesthesia is necessary for our pet dental procedures. We make safety our top priority for every pet, every time. Before the procedure, we perform pre-anesthetic blood work and a physical to ensure your pet is healthy enough to undergo the procedure. With our monitoring equipment, we keep track of your pet’s vitals for any changes and make any adjustments as needed.

A Complete Pet Dental Procedure

During a pet dental procedure, we examine your pet’s entire oral structure and even below the gumline with digital dental X-rays. Radiographs allow us to see internal tartar damage and measure the progress of dental disease. Regular pet dental care prevents and can reverse the damage of this serious disease. Our pet teeth cleaning involves:

  • Ultrasonic scaling of each tooth to remove tartar
  • Polishing of each tooth to prevent future plaque buildup
  • Fluoride treatments to further strengthen teeth against plaque

If needed, we will also perform surgical extractions on broken or damaged teeth. Pain medications both in the clinic and for at-home care will be given so your pet has a smooth, comfortable recovery.

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What You Can Do at Home

Pet dental care doesn’t start and end with us! Brushing your pet’s teeth at home, ideally on a daily basis, is proven as the best way to prevent dental disease. Yet, it can be a challenge with uncooperative pets and busy schedules. Luckily, there are many dental care products that help on those days when brushing is impossible. We recommend products approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council because they are proven to work and are safe for pets. Some products include:

  • Dental chews such as OraVet chews
  • Water additives
  • Dental wipes
  • Rawhides and other dental toys

Please contact us today should you have any questions about pet teeth cleaning. We look forward to speaking to you soon!