Tailoring Wellness Pet Exams to Each Patient

At The Village Vets Decatur-Ponce, we consider ourselves a full-blown animal hospital with unique pet exams tailored to each individual patient. We don’t offer cookie-cutter veterinary medicine because every pet deserves care suited to their particular needs and lifestyle. When you come to us for pet wellness care, you can be sure that your furry family receives the highest quality medicine that meets their every need.

Pet Exam in Decatur, GA
Pet Exam in Decatur, GA

Our Individualized Pet Wellness Care Services in Decatur, GA

Pet wellness care includes preventative services that help keep pets well. During wellness visits, we perform:

  • A nose-to-tail physical
  • Nutritional and behavioral analysis (which involves asking you questions about their home life)
  • Fecal exam (to check for intestinal parasites)
  • Heartworm test (to detect the presence of heartworms)
  • Urinalysis (to assess bladder and kidney health)
  • Vaccinations (when appropriate)
  • Diagnostic blood work (to screen for underlying diseases)

Please note that not every wellness visit will include all of these services; your pet’s appointment is tailored to their unique needs, and not all pets need all these services. We tailor services based on your pet’s age, breed, lifestyle, weight, conditions, and more so no two exams will ever look exactly the same.

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Pet Wellness Care in Decatur: Dog Sitting

Parasite Preventatives

Parasite prevention is an essential component of your pet’s overall well-being. With year-round protection, they are safe from pesky parasites as well as the dangerous diseases they carry. Many different preventatives are on the market, but our veterinarians can help you choose the right one that suits your pet’s lifestyle and your abilities.

Heartworm Disease

In our area, heartworm disease is a very real concern. Infected mosquitos transfer heartworms to your dog or cat when they bite. These parasites move through the bloodstream and lodge themselves in blood vessels around the heart and lungs. Over time, they grow and multiply and pose a very serious risk to your pet. Heartworms are more prevalent in dogs because cats are atypical hosts for heartworms; however, that doesn’t mean cats are not still at risk. Cats may still develop heartworm disease, and in their case, there is no cure, so prevention is the only option. Many heartworm preventatives for both cats and dogs also protect against other parasites such as tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, and more. Ask one of our veterinarians about the right heartworm preventative for you and your pet.

A Better Life for Your Pet and Savings for You

Pet wellness care provides preventative medicine designed to keep your pet healthy, so they can avoid the pitfalls of illness, and you can avoid the costs of it, too! The costs of preventive medicine are always significantly less than the costs of treatment.
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