The Best Veterinary Medicine Begins with Advanced Pet Diagnostics

At The Village Vets Decatur-Ponce, we know that the best medicine develops from comprehensive pet diagnostics. Our full in-house laboratory and advanced imaging technology allow us to better understand your pet’s whole health so we can treat them with the most effective medicine.

Diagnostics Pet Exams in Decatur, GA

Learning from the Lab

Our laboratory has the works. We have the ability to run just about any test we need right in our hospital. This convenience allows us to learn about any underlying conditions, get answers about how they’re developing, and begin to develop a treatment plan all within one visit from you. We run the following tests:

  • CBCs (complete blood counts)
  • Chemistry panels (to address certain blood components such as proteins, glucose, or electrolyte levels)
  • Urinalysis (to assess kidney and bladder health)
  • Fecal exams (to check for intestinal parasites)
  • Cytology (analyzing skin cells for abnormalities)
  • Biopsies (to examine tissue for cancer cells)
Diagnostics Cat Exams in Decatur, GA

What People are Saying

Digital Imaging Technology & Pet Ultrasound

The Village Vets perform digital X-rays as well as ultrasound imaging to assess your pet’s internal structures. Digital X-ray is fast, efficient, detailed, and convenient. The images are produced very quickly and, as a digital file, we can share them easily with you and other veterinarians for further analysis. X-rays are useful in examining potential fractures or broken bones, locating an ingested foreign object, diagnosing organ disease, among many other uses.

Ultrasound produces a moving image of your pet’s internal structures by using ultrasonic sound waves that penetrate beneath the skin. With it, we examine organs in action to assess how they’re functioning, rather than judging from a static X-ray image. It is also invaluable for examining the abdominal cavity for abnormalities or to determine pregnancy.

X-rays and ultrasound often work in tandem. While X-rays produce a clear, detailed fixed image, ultrasound delivers a moving picture that helps us assess function.

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Dog ultrasound in Decatur, GA
Pet Ultrasound in Decatur, GA