Project Samana:
Doing Our Part for the Greater Community

Project Samana is an outreach organization founded in 1993 that sends teams of veterinarians and staff to the Dominican Republic three times a year to provide medical care to animals in need. As one of the poorest countries in the world, the people of the Dominican Republic still rely heavily on horses, mules, and donkeys; however, they do still value companionship from animals such as cats and dogs, particularly for children. The Village Vets has been involved in this project since 2015 when we sent our first group, but our connection goes even further back.


The Project Samana Connection

Our hospital director and veterinarian at our Stone Mountain location, Dr. Carrie McColgan made her first journey with Project Samana in 2003 after graduating from veterinary school. After continued involvement with the organization, she became president in January 2018. Now, The Village Vets has close ties with Team Samana, and many of our staff dedicate their time and talents every year.

Treating Animals in Need

The main focus of Project Samana is to treat animals in need, particularly horses, donkeys and mules, which all play a vital role in the culture and well-being of their owners, but we also see many cats and dogs as well. The services offered to these animals include:

For horses, mules, and donkeys:

  • Castration for stallions
  • Dental care (mouth and tooth diseases are a serious problem)
  • Lameness evaluations and treatment
  • Senior horse care
  • Wound care for injuries

For cats and dogs:

  • Spay and neuter surgeries
  • Vaccinations (particularly rabies)
  • Treatment for parasites
  • Basic medical care for wounds or injuries
  • Donated collars and leashes for dogs
  • Post-surgical medication for at-home recovery
Project Samana: Dog Sitting With Books

Education for Residents

Beyond care for animals, Project Samana also works to educate and empower the local community to better care for their animals, which in turn means a better livelihood for the people. Educational outreach includes:

  • Education for residents about parasite control, basic first aid, nutrition, and animal husbandry
  • Sponsorship of local animal health seminars in the community
  • Medical and surgical training to students and veterinarians from Dominican schools

If you want to learn more about this animal welfare organization, please visit, inquire at your next appointment, or simply give us a call at your convenience.