Delivering Better Care with Our AAHA Accreditation

What is an AAHA accreditation, and why is it important? At The Village Vets Decatur-Ponce, we believe our patients and clients only deserve the best care and medicine. To provide that on a daily basis, we undergo regular inspections by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) to ensure we’re meeting their 900+ standards of veterinary excellence.

These standards encompass our services, our equipment, and all our practice protocols, driving our team to deliver outstanding care to our patients and clients at every appointment. 

How AAHA Accreditation Influences Our Practice

The Village Vets Decatur-Ponce is proud to maintain accreditation, which requires meeting over 900 standards of excellence in over a dozen categories. An AAHA representative follows up with our practice every 3 years to see if we are meeting their standards, and in turn able to renew our accreditation. 

AAHA’s standardized categories of veterinary practice include:

AAHA accreditation for The Village Vets Decatur-Ponce

What Our AAHA Accreditation Means for You

Being AAHA accredited means we can provide you and your pet with the care you deserve. It means we can exceed your expectations and go above and beyond to help your companion live a longer, happier life with you. At The Village Vets Decatur-Ponce, we believe all the hard work that goes into maintaining AAHA accreditation is worth it if we can do more to support pets and families.

Find out more about AAHA and AAHA accreditation at We also encourage you to call us at (404) 371-0111 with any questions you have, and book an appointment so you can see the difference our accreditation truly makes for you and your pet.